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Guest Post from Viccie Corby

Musings on Reading and Writing...and Life

By Viccie Corby

Recently I read an interview with a reasonably well known writer who declared that she never read novels while she was in the middle of writing because she wanted ‘her style to remain pure.’

I can’t help wondering what she’s so afraid of. True I can see that if she’s writing a thriller which has a short, sociable, butterfingered hero, then maybe she ought to lay off reading Lee Child lest she find her protagonist morph into an immensely tall loner. Is she worried that if she picks up Philip Roth her sentences are going to become longer or that if she relaxes with a formula romance (a surprising amount of high achieving women do) she is going to start gaily leavening every sentence with colourful, descriptive, meaningful adjectives? Why? She’s published with her own style and several books under her belt.
When I was younger I’ll admit I was often influenced by my favourite authors, sometimes beneficially, other times less so. I sta…

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