On the Run in Fontainebleau

Congratulations to Crossroads Writers Club member Chris Vanier! His new book, On the Run in Fontainebleau is now available! 

Local blog readers will find copies at Reel Books, 9 rue de Ferrare, Fontainebleau in early September (watch this space!) or it is available via www.amazon.com.

Here's an excerpt from Chris:

Retirement can feel like falling off a cliff. What do you do next? On the Run in Fontainebleau chronicles Chris Vanier's bitter-sweet search for fulfillment in his seventh decade. Looking forward to an easy-going retirement of writing and leisure, he is grief-stricken by his wife's sudden death. He must begin again. He finds new love, quits Paris, and joins a vibrant community of fellow senior citizens in Fontainebleau who regularly explore the beautiful surrounding forest. No longer a city dweller, Chris must deal with all the problems that a house, garden, and forest hiking can bring, as well as combating the effects of aging. He learns balance, becomes a sports trainer for other seniors, and discovers how to postpone the body's decline. There follow escapades, exotic travels, comic mishaps, new heartaches, and reconciliations. But the most tantalizing adventures are inside. How to accept the passing away of family and friends, and recognize that being a patriarch means you're next. And after living in so many places, where is your country? A true adventurer accepts these challenges ... and keeps on running!

Vanier produced the book with fellow writers club member Sara Tucker, through her micro press, Korongo Books.

A native of St. Kitts, Vanier spent his career as an engineer and IT specialist. After graduating from Cambridge University in 1965, he earned a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Syracuse University. He worked for 30 years in Paris, studying train dynamics, oceanic thermal energy and business computer systems' reliability.

Vanier is now retired in Fontainebleau.


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