Pouget Releases "Honk" E-Book

Pouget Publishes Children's Book

Crossroads Writers Club member Daniel Pouget has just released Honk, an amusing Christmas children's E-book for ages eight to 14. The tale recounts the birth of Jesus through the eyes and ears of an unusual witness.

"Honk speaks! Cute little angles, cooing baby, adoring ox and ass? Are you kidding me? I was there -- in smelly, messy Nazareth -- stuck with carrying a very big lady (and all her baskets and makeup and whatever) to Bethlehem. Whew! And as for the three kings? More like upmarket trekkers looking for a party, if you ask me. Let me tell you about it... You're gonna get the real scoop. Trust me! Yes, me -- I'm Honk... and I was there."

E-Book copies can be ordered on Amazon in The United Kingdom, The United States and France, among other Amazon sites.  

Plenty of time to order before Christmas... 

Our sincere congratulations to Daniel!


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